How to install your natural turf


Installing your new lawn is one of the most satisfying experiences you will have. Dirt one minute and a beautiful green lawn the next! Here are some simple steps to success.

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Your turf will be delivered on the back of a semi-trailer so it is important to notify us. If the street may be difficult for the driver to navigate through.

We use a rear mounted forklift to place your turf on the nature strip. If you’d like to have your turf delivered up your driveway, please arrange this prior.

  1. Before rolling out your new turf, apply the lawn starter fertiliser provided with your delivery, at one handful per square metre (roughly one large step) over the prepared area to help establish the root system of your newly laid lawn.
  1. Start laying your lawn along the straightest and longest edge. Push each roll firmly together (without stretching), laying in a brickwork pattern. Ensure rolls that are laid down very steep slopes are pegged to stop movement. Trim the new lawn with a sharp knife around plants and edges. 
  1. Lightly roll your new lawn to achieve contact with the soil underneath. Water immediately to heavily saturate the lawn and ensure the soil underneath is wet. It is best to use a sprinkler. Water daily or more often, keeping the lawn moist until it is firmly rooted in about four weeks. Then water less frequently and for longer periods to encourage a stronger, deeper root system.
  1. Warm season grasses (KikuyuKings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo and Santa Ana Couch) will benefit from a top-dressing of washed sand, typically 1m³ per 100m². The sand will fill in any voids around the runners and it will “bed” the turf in on site. Top-dressing will promote growth in runners and roots after installation. It will also retain moisture and smooth out any cracks or gaps in the roll.

If you are installing a new lawn, keep your lawn moist only to keep the sod moist. Wind will dry your new lawn out so it is very important to monitor how dry the lawn is.

After establishment, introduce deep watering as required to promote a deep vigorous root system (10mm per application)


Dec-Feb       Twice per week

Mar              Once per week

Apr-Sept       Only in hot weather

Oct-Nov        Once per week