How to measure your area


Once you’ve decided on the lawn variety that will best suit your area and lifestyle, the next step is determining the amount you need. Use our easy steps to determine your order quantity.

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Take a piece of paper and roughly sketch out your area and/or mark your area with chalk spray.

All lawn areas can be divided into common shapes. Break up your area using basic shapes such as rectangles, triangles and circles.

Marking the shapes on the ground with chalk spray will help you correctly measure out your lawn area.

Calculate the area of your shapes using the formulas below. It is important to be as accurate as possible so take your time with this step.

One roll of turf measures approximately 2500mm in length and 400mm in width or one square metre.

Be careful not to over-order, unused rolls are unable to be returned.

Once you have calculated all your shapes, add them to get the total square metres.

NOTE: To allow for miscalculations and wastage, we recommend ordering 5%-10% extra.

It’s better to have some turf left over than to run out!

You can order online or over the phone.

The ideal time to order your new lawn is in spring or autumn. This is because the temperatures are milder in these seasons. The rolls of turf are less likely to stress.

We do also supply turf in winter and summer, and we take additional care at these times of year. If you order in these seasons, you will need to lay your turf as soon as it is delivered. If it is not laid the same day, the turf may lose colour and start to stress.

When ordering in advance, ensure you have allowed enough time to adequately prepare your space so that you are ready to lay your new turf as soon as it arrives.