Delivering innovative, performance driven, turf solutions for over 25 years.


Innovation inspires us

Our team is at the heart of our innovation.

They are close to the action and see opportunities to find new and better ways to do things. Talking with customers to understand their needs – designing turf solutions to meet these needs.

In 1998 we asked the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) “What are your needs for turf replacement”? Their response – they needed a lay-and-play turf system.

We collaborated with the Motz Group USA to meet this need, and today we remain the MCG’s turf supplier.


Bringing innovation to life

Our global partners help us bring our innovations to life.

Whether it be manufacturing a new hybrid turf technology in South Korea, or creating a superior playing surface for Manchester City in the UK.

We collaborate to create and prove inventions.

In 2015 we challenged conventional thinking and designed a new hybrid grass system, one that would not only meet the needs of Australia’s stadiums but also perform internationally.

To manufacture this new system, we collaborated with GSTGlobal, an innovative Korean textile manufacturer. Our patented HERO Hybrid Grass® has been installed for World Cups and is used at Eden Park, Manchester City FC and Real Madrid FC.

As a Group we are immensely proud of what we have achieved through innovation. We are also excited about what we hope to achieve in the future. As we look forward, we are committed to innovation that is environmentally sustainable and responsible.