How to install CoverLawn


CoverLawn is the best of both worlds – natural plus synthetic lawn! Read our handy guide on how to install it.

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CoverLawn, as its name suggests, is a synthetic cover which is placed over your lawn! It is easy to install and it protects your natural grass from damage.

Simply roll-out it out, peg it down, and watch your grass grow from beneath.

CoverLawn is unique. It is an open synthetic turf, with no backing. Using a knitting technique, the synthetic fibres create a braid of knots, and when stretched, these braids form a honeycomb of holes.

These holes allow the natural grass to grow through, and the fibres protect the grass from damage.

This gives you a true ‘hybrid grass’ for home lawns. No more bare patches.

CoverLawn can be laid over seed, instant turf, or an existing lawn.

  1. Measure and mark out the area you wish to cover with CoverLawn. To secure the edge of CoverLawn, allow an extra 10mm of CoverLawn around the perimeter, and push each edge into the soil.
  2. If you are installing over an existing grass area, remove weeds and foreign grasses. Alternatively, CoverLawn can be installed over newly laid sod or over a prepared seedbed.

  3. Mow the surface as low as possible, 20mm is ideal or otherwise set the mower is at its lowest setting.

  4. CoverLawn will align itself with the natural contours of the ground. If the surface is uneven then top dress the area with 50/50 sand soil mix.

  5. Roll out the CoverLawn over the area. Cut to size with a good pair of scissors.

  6. Joining can be done onsite via stitching, cable ties, or simply by pushing both adjoining edges into the soil

  7. To hasten the integration of CoverLawn, top-dress the area with 5mm of sand/soil mix. Water after applying the top-dressing.

  8. Do not forget to maintain your edge of the area with a spade or bed knife. Push the CoverLawn into the soil to secure it. Start from the middle of the longest edge and work towards the ends.
  9. Make sure you have good stretch/tension and avoid wrinkles. Work down one side first, then stretch it to the opposite side, and secure it from the middle.

  10. After laying, use biodegradable pegs to anchor the CoverLawn to the surface. Insert six pegs per square metre. Secure each edge with pegs, minimum one peg per 5 metres.

  11. Whilst the CoverLawn is integrating with your lawn, be careful not to scalp the CoverLawn with your lawn mower.